The one of a kind fly fishing experience in the Engadin amongst enchanting lakes, gin-clear creeks and the Swiss Alps.

A practice-oriented weekend in which a group of interested, prospective or already advanced fly fishermen explores and fishes the waters of the Graubünden high valley together.

Three days fly fishing (guided two days) in the Engadin, offering endless fishing opportunities amongst the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps.

This event aims at beginners as well as advanced fishermen and fisherwomen. The course is ideal for fly fishers, who would like to get to know the Upper Engadin better, in order to explore the waters on their own in the future. This course will definitely give you a head start!

The group is limited to 4-6 participants and is guided by me and Thomas Klaper.

Guided Fly Fishing Engadin Switzerland - With english captions

The Swiss Engadin waters

There is a manifold of opportunities to fish in the Swiss Engadin.

From the clear mountain lakes to the Inn with his tributaries, there is something for everybody.

Depending on the guests preferences, time of the year, and weather situation we usually plan on short notice the daily schedule.

The Fish Species of the Swiss Engadin

The Graylings from the Inn river system are Europe's highest altitude population of this species.

Apart from the Graylings there are beautiful coloured Brown Trouts, especially in the tributaries and head waters.

In the big four lakes of the valley - Lake Sils, Lake Silvaplana, Lake Champfèr and Lake St. Moritz – you will also find Chars. The Graylings, that have migrated and living primary in this lakes grow to respectable sizes.

Our lodge: Villa Marguerita

There is no better place to stay and enjoy comfort before and after fishing than the Villa Marguerita in Zuoz.

Run by fly fishers Petra and Röbi, it's the perfect place for enjoying great food, have a nice chat or even buy some local flies.

This course is ideal for fly fishermen who want to get to know the Upper Engadin better, with the idea of ​​fishing the waters later on their own. The Villa Marguerita, run by the knowledgeable fly fishermen Petra and Röbi, is the ideal starting point for your own nature adventures. I attended this course years ago as a newcomer to the Engadin. The wonderful accommodation, the grandiose “breakfast buffet”, chatting fly fishing with Petra and Röbi and their fantastic, exclusive dinners for the whole group are for me a total package without competition.
– André Abt